A car that crashes with a truck or also known as a 18 wheeler, tanker or rig, can result in a horrible tragedy.

As we all know 18 wheeler trucks are massive and that amount of weight and force can be catastrophic. In some cases, the driver of the truck results in little to no injuries due to how well protected they are inside the enormous cabin. Unfortunately not the same can result for the car in the accident. Large trucks weigh over 10,000 lbs, when that amount of weight collides with your average vehicle or even pedestrian the result can be deadly.

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Anyone who has been involved in a truck accident knows that its nothing like a car accident. Truck accidents typically leave catastrophic results and can often times even lead to death. The combination of the mass and speed of a truck along with the potential to impact many vehicles may cause greater damage and an average car accident.

In a truck accident, there can be many parties liable and you need an attorney that is going to look at all the possible liable parties.


In a truck accident, there can be many parties liable and you need an attorney that is going to look at all the possible liable parties:

  • Truck company

  • Truck driver

  • Owner of the truck

  • Company leasing the truck

  • Owner of the leasing company

  • Owner of the trailer, if attached

  • Company leasing the trailer

  • Manufacturer of the truck, trailer, or components

  • Shipper who wanted the load transported

  • Broker who hired the trucking company to deliver the load


  • Obtain Medical Attention- Sometimes you may not think that you need medical attention nevertheless you should obtain a prompt medical examination. There are many internal injuries that can go undetected and can often lead to catastrophic results.
  • Preservation of Evidence from Accident Site- it is important to preserve evidence of your medical and physical condition but also as to what happened at the accident scene. Request that the police take crash-scene photos. If your condition permits, take pictures of your own.
  • Preservation of Vehicle- If your car is towed make sure to collect from the tow yard or pay the tow driver to deliver it to you home. Preserve your vehicle until you retain an attorney. Your attorney with experts should determine whether there has been a defect in your vehicle or its part that may have contributed to the accident which can turn the case into a products liability case.
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