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711 ACHE is sure that you’ve heard advertising before that says not to trust attorney referral programs because you never know if the attorney that is assigned to your case is a first-time attorney, or even worst an attorney handling your type of case for the very first time. Were not going to lie, we’d be frightened as well.

At 711 ACHE you don’t need to worry, our attorneys are vetted, reviewed, disciplinary background check and Florida bar section approvals are all researched. This means that your attorney will have no disciplinary actions against him or her and that you will have an attorney with experience in your particular case.

Many attorney referral programs will give your case to an attorney that pays for a subscription with that referral program regardless of experience and with no background search. 711 ACHE has heard horror stories of attorney referral programs giving a car accident case to a family law attorney. Shame on them! At 711 ACHE we believe that if a person is in a car accident they should go to civil litigation attorney that specializes in personal injury, catastrophic personal injury and has filed an abundance of car accident cases.

The state of Florida has resources and public records availability to confirm all the things that 711 ACHE looks for before giving the case to a member in good standing with the Florida Bar. Call now and speak to one of our staff members that will connect you with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney FREE OF CHARGE.

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At 711-ACHE, we only network with the most experienced attorneys with years of courtroom and trial litigation experience. Attorneys who are not willing to settle your case and are not afraid to take it to a jury. With our network of attorneys, you are far more than just a client. Our attorneys will treat you like family. You can rest assured that with our network of attorneys assigned to your case, you will always get the attention you expect. We encourage you to contact your Personal injury adviser who will follow up with your attorney with you present to get the fastest and most reliable response.

With 711-ACHE you don’t have to worry if your lawyer isn’t experienced or if your lawyer won’t give you the attention you deserve. With 711-ACHE you can sit back and relax knowing you have an attorney with over 30 years combined experience fighting on your behalf to win.

711-ACHE doesn’t just network with any attorney in South Florida. 711-Ache only networks with the very best.

Here at 711-ACHE, we strongly believe in quality over quantity, as well as hard work and dedication. Rest assured our network of attorneys has the experience to win your case.

711-ACHE’s network of attorneys has an impeccable success rate in the courtroom. Our network of attorneys has the latest cutting edge technology and software available to reconstruct personal injury, slip & fall, and car accident scenarios.

Remember, insurance companies have attorneys working for them. Let 711-ACHE guide you to the correct attorney to win your case.


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